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Top 5 Roof Designs For Modern Homes: Which One’s For You?

Roofing Designs

Roofing designs for home improvement projects should be durable and useful, but who says these changes can’t also be beautiful? With so many advances in building materials and architectural capabilities, the world is your oyster when looking at the roof design types you might want to incorporate. 


Which one will work best? Below, A1 Home Improvement’s roofing experts shortlist some popular roof designs for home additions or reroofing projects. Discover the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision, and then call our team to discuss your options in more detail.


#1 Flat Roof Design

A modern flat roof is one of many different roof designs for homes that want to combine simplicity with a unique appearance. Some flat roofs may look like a throwback to the 1980s, but there are plenty of ways that designers can help you produce a modern aesthetic.


Flat roofs also come with numerous benefits, including the following:

  • Clean, attractive design
  • A perfect space for solar panels or HVAC units
  • A safer work area for roofing contractors 
  • An easier area for homeowners to maintain 

However, these designs have one main pitfall: they require regular gutter and roof maintenance! You can’t put off cleaning the gutters every four months. If you do, you risk your new roof collecting rainwater and debris, which could damage the roofing material and everything below it. 


#2 Gable Roof Design

Timeless gable roof design has reemerged, with these mountainous peaks at the roof’s center and window locations becoming highly popular in the last few years. It adds character to a building’s silhouette. And in addition to its classic architectural beauty, a gabled roof also offers the following:

Superb rainwater drainage capabilities

Damage resistance

More in-home ventilation

On the other hand, the peaked structure may catch strong winds more easily, so achieving the right angles is very important. The design also limits the space on the top floor.


#3 Metal Roof Design

Metal roof designs for homes now come in myriad colors, patterns, and styles, so they won’t limit your aesthetic choices. Many homeowners choose metal roofs for the following:

  • Increased curb appeal
  • Customization 
  • Excellent longevity 
  • Damage resistance to wind, moisture, and debris

If you want a new roof that perfectly accents your home’s exterior, shop for metal roofing materials that suit your design tastes. However, you might choose a different material, like asphalt shingles, if you have a tight budget for the roofing cost. Metal is also noisier than other, more absorbent materials.

#4 Hip Roof Design

Like gabled roofs, a hip roof design features peaks and slopes. However, its geometric structure resembles a pyramid. It harkens to popular farmhouse roof designs for home renovations. So, if you want a rustic, pastoral design, you might find the perfect match in a hip roof.

Some homeowners who love gabled roofs might choose hip roofs instead for the following reasons:

Better wind resistance

Easier to integrate

Superior gutter support

However, hip roofs come with a higher price tag and classic gable pitfalls, such as less attic space.


#5 Temple Roof Design

Do you want to embellish your home’s overall structure? Explore how temple roof design for home restoration and improvement projects cuts an ornate silhouette across the skyline. Not even Minecraft roof designs can compete with this ancient structural aesthetic. 

Temple roofs also offer advantages, such as:

  • A one-of-a-kind aesthetic compared to neighboring properties
  • Pitched peaks that deter water collection
  • Slopes that easily redirect wind force

The disadvantages include roofers struggling to fix roofing issues due to the nearly vertical structure of some peaks. They’re also one of the more expensive options.

Roof Designs For Home Improvement: Honorable Mentions

You may have noticed a growing trend of homeowners expanding their living spaces beyond the walls of their homes. They’re redesigning porches, patios, lawns, and sheds for comfort and pleasure, and the trend extends to rooftops.

For example, a patio rooftop is an excellent idea for homeowners who lack outdoor space. You can either transform a section of the roof or the entire area into a hangout spot. Add some patio furniture, potted plants, and a cover to protect you from the sun, and you’ll have a place to relax with an excellent view!

One Last Roof Design Idea: Go Green

The trends are also going green as some people transform their rooftops into gardens! It’s the perfect spot for plants to enjoy fresh rainwater, sunlight, and organic nutrients. And if implemented correctly, this roof design could offer your home insulation and oxygenation on top of the obvious beautification.

Design a Creative Roof With A1 Home Improvement Today!

As with all roofing designs for home renovation projects, A1 Home Improvement’s roofing experts recommend a free roofing inspection before laying the groundwork. We’ll happily assist in inspecting and constructing a creative roof that protects your home. So, call us at 860-259-6783 today to schedule an appointment!

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