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Roofing Installation Details

Here are the important details to be aware of when Installing a new roof

A1 Roofing is a professional contractor with over 30 years installing quality Roofing in Berlin, Newington, Wethersfield, Rocky Hill and beyond.

​Our expertly trained roofing crews have the experience necessary to handle the most complicated roofing projects.

We offer the highest quality and affordable roof replacement brands and options available on the market today.

If you would like to have a comprehensive free roof inspection by an expert who will give you a fair price with no pressure and also evaluate your roof for storm damage to determine if you are eligible for an insurance claim then A1 Roofing is the company for you.+

A1 Roofing specializes in dealing with insurance restoration roof claims. Just fill out the form for a free estimate and evaluation.

Synthetic Underlayment & Ice and Water Barrier

Here are the important details to be aware of when Installing a new roof

After stripping the roof a synthetic roofing underlayment coated with polypropylene on both sides is installed along with an ​ice and water barrier.

Ice & Water Barrier: 

Protecting our Property and keeping It Clean

It’s important to plan the Roofing Installation so the property is protected and cleaned and the workers and homeowner are safe.

We start by draping the home with tarp’s to protect the siding and catch as much debris as possible. This makes clean up easier and more throw.

There is a crew member that spends most of the time on nothing but cleaning the job site so at the end of the day there are no shingles or nails scattered around the home.

Proper Flashing Of Your Roof Prevents Leaking

Architectural Roofing Has A Distinctive Look

Types Of Roofing Material
The most popular roofing today is the Architectural Shingle – composed of two piece of asphalt shingle material laminated together to form one solid piece. The bottom piece, or shim provides the base of the shingle as well as the contrast in color. The top piece, or dragon tooth, provides the depth as well as further contrasting color.  Their warranties are all lifetime.

Architectural Roofing Shingles also carry a lifetime warrantee, as an Owens Corning preferred premium contractor A1 Roofing is certified to offer the highest level warrantee in the industry

Roof Ventilation For a More Efficient House

Proper ventilation is important especially in newer homes that have efficient windows, siding and doors which minimizes air flow through the walls causing the moisture and air that once escaped to be carried up into the attic.

Our roofing system has many ventilation options to keep your home balanced. Poor ventilation can cause energy waste, ice dams, rotting decks, premature roof decay, and mold. This is a very important part of the replacement roof design and process.

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