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Roofing Contractor: How They Can Save Your Home

Save Roof

As a busy homeowner, you try to cut costs where you can. Even the essentials have become increasingly expensive, which makes you jealously protect your bank account. However, roofing and other home improvement services are not the areas to slack on funding. 

Never underestimate a roofer’s importance. Choosing any old contractor who offers cheap services sets the stage for expensive disasters. Taking on tasks yourself consumes your time, money, and safety. Understanding a roofer’s role helps you select an affordable yet trustworthy service to work on your roof. 

A1 Home Improvement has served Newhaven and New London counties in Connecticut for over 30 years. We understand the industry, customer needs, and the consequences of DIY projects and subpar roofers. We’ll help you understand roof safety practices, how to choose a roofer, and more.

Services Requiring Professional Roofers

Connecticut’s government website outlines how to shop for home improvement services. When you choose a roofer, you should consider:

  • Their registration with government organizations as a qualified contractor. State governments may have varying requirements for specific home contracting services. Connecticut requires that contractors register with the Department of Consumer Services before servicing clients. 
  • The services they provide. Not all roofing companies are equal. Some may provide full roofing services. Others may specialize in repairs or limited roofing materials. 
  • Their legal and service history. Your chosen company should have a relatively clean legal record. Multiple or recent cases indicate issues beyond customer dissatisfaction. They could imply incompleted services or worse. 

A full-service roofing company provides installations, repairs, and replacements. Each service requires varying levels of skill, materials, and time. 

Roof Installations and Replacements

A roofing company installs your roof during your home’s construction. Their contractors will ideally help you select high-quality roofing materials that adequately protect your home while enhancing the property’s appearance. This means the team members should demonstrate basic architectural knowledge, an understanding of how materials work, and familiarity with your expressed needs as the customer. 

Once the original roof significantly degrades, you need a replacement service. A roof’s lifespan varies depending on the materials, workmanship quality, and maintenance frequency. Roof replacement involves multiple steps:

  • Removal of old materials
  • Repairing any weakened support and sunroof structures
  • Installing the new roofing materials

Roofing Repairs

Roofing repairs typically don’t require the same extensive effort, supplies, and time as installation and replacement. However, they have a major effect on your roof’s lifespan and integrity. Repair services include:

  • Patching leaky holes
  • Replacing damaged or missing materials
  • Fixing the flashing
  • Repairing gutters 
  • Adding supports to sagging roofs

Some repairs might seem like ideal DIY projects to tackle on the weekends. However, only an experienced roofer should repair your roof. 

Roofing Inspections

Many reputable roofers offer free inspections to identify structural issues and help the homeowner choose the best solution. The roofer will climb to your rooftop to carefully examine the surface. Then, they’ll enter the attic to see what the subroofing looks like underneath. 

Inspections occur before companies begin replacing, installing, and repairing roofs for their clients. These services allow them to quickly provide information, such as:

  • Roofing project timelines
  • Project estimations
  • What approach to take
  • How long the project can wait to begin

How To Choose the Best Roofer

When you hire a professional to tackle your tasks, you need a team that does more than state their experience in installing and repairing roofs. You need representatives prepared to provide documented proof of their experience, knowledge, and insurance coverage. Choosing a roofer depends on the factors discussed below. 

Certifications, Insurance Coverage, and Social Proof

As home improvement contractors, Connecticut roofers must register with the Connecticut state government to provide legal services. Verify a contractor’s legitimacy with eLicense Online by:

  • Clicking on the “Online Services” tab
  • Selecting the “Lookup a License” option in the dropdown menu
  • Adding as much available information as possible into the provided input fields 

The results will show whether the service provider kept their license updated. You’ll know the roofer’s certification status following this quick, reliable search.   

Connecticut certifications require that the roofing company obtain a minimum amount of insurance coverage. If you can find your preferred roofing service on eLicense Online, you can also verify that an insurance policy backs their services. However, you should still request further information regarding what the policy covers. 

Finally, read the contractor’s reviews before signing an agreement with them. Social proof demonstrates their public standing and their business reputation. Filter review results by:

  • Best reviews: Glowing reports will ultimately sell you on the provider’s service, but avoid choosing based on those alone. 
  • One to two-star reviews: Explore the contractor’s weak points. You’ll know what to expect and how to monitor the roofing service. 
  • Most recent reviews: Check reviews up to a year old. The most recent customers offer a glimpse into how the company has improved or degraded recently. 

Warranties and Workmanship Guarantees

Understanding how warranties work will significantly influence the company you hire. Roofing companies commonly use the following types of warranties:

  • Manufacturer warranties: They cover minimum warranty essentials, like roofing materials. You can use this warranty to pay for material replacements in the event of damages, but not labor costs.  
  • Workmanship warranties: If you need repairs following a roof replacement or installation, you’ll use a workmanship warranty to handle labor costs. Some workmanship warranties also pay for the materials required to complete the repairs.
  • Extended warranties: If you want to protect your entire roofing investment, you’ll need an extended warranty. It’ll cover costs associated with materials and labor for longer periods than its counterparts. 

Warranties play an influential role in your roof’s lifespan. The more coverage your chosen roofing company supplies, the better their work quality. You can also request repair or maintenance services without breaking the bank throughout your roof’s life. 

Safety Protocols

OSHA outlines hefty requirements companies and roofers should follow to protect workers and nearby people. Their extensive recommendations cover everything from equipment usage to emergency action plans. While the requirements mostly pertain to protecting roofers on the job, they can also ensure no untoward events unfold on your property. 

Ask your roofing candidates how they mitigate risks, treat their workspaces, and handle emergencies. Their responses will reveal how they protect you, your property, and their team throughout the service. 

Roofer Importance: DIY vs. Roofing Contractors

Choosing a competent roofing company might seem like a time-consuming inconvenience on paper but it offers a lot of benefits. However, going the DIY route creates more opportunities for hazards and expensive mistakes. When you attempt a roofing project by yourself, you risk:

  • Nullified insurance coverage: Your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the costs associated with DIY home improvement projects. Your policy also may not pay for property damage caused by unskilled mistakes. 
  • Warranty limits: Although you can purchase roofing materials that come with warranties, the manufacturer may not cover damaged materials if an unskilled person handles them. 
  • Your safety: Roofers use personal protection equipment and other tools to protect themselves. They also follow specific protocols to avoid accidents. The risks of injury increase exponentially without these resources. 

A1 Home Improvement Offers Proven Workmanship, Quality Materials, and Competitive Warranties

At A1 Home Improvement, we want to help you understand a roofer’s importance. Our A+ rating with the BBB, generous warranties, and insurance coverage make our company a preferred option for Connecticut homeowners. Call 860-600-8075 to request a free roof inspection today.

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