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Navigating Roofing Warranties: What Every Homeowner Should Know From Their Roofer

How often have you finally agreed to purchase that product or service you need only for the seller to ask whether you want the warranty as well? From smart devices to HVAC repairs, you’ve likely received offers for this type of consumer insurance. However, it’s just as likely that you’ve declined these offers because you’ve felt they were a waste of money. 

While you can get away with not having insurance for certain things in life, roofing warranties aren’t one of them. Any roofing project is only as good as its longevity. If anything fails, whether from shoddy craftsmanship or poor materials, we guarantee that you’ll wish you had a warranty on that new roof.

With over 140 five-star reviews, A1 Home Improvement cannot understate the importance of a roofer with outstanding qualifications and a top-tier roof system. Below, these experienced roofers share more about warranties and how to find the right one.

What Roofing Warranties Can You Choose From?

Warranties, like roofs, come in all shapes and sizes to help you match them to your budget and preferences. Should you go for warranties that only partially cover the project or all-around protection? 

To outline some options, here are three warranties roof contractors and manufacturers tend to offer:

The Roof Workmanship Warranty 

A roof workmanship warranty (which your contractor extends to you) insures your roof against poor installation. With inexperienced or unprofessional roofers, you may not notice issues upfront. However, once leaks emerge, materials detach, or insulation degrades, your warranty will cover the replacements. 

Similarly, a labor-only warranty ensures the roofing company will cover the cost of minor repairs for a given period after your roof installation

The Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you opt for a manufacturer’s warranty, you’re covering your roofing materials and underlayment for a few decades. With this coverage, manufacturers usually pay for shingle, tile, metal, and concrete replacements for 20 to 50 years after the initial installation (they average 30 years). Within that time, the roofing contractors agree to repair or replace shoddy roof materials.

However, since no two roofing warranties are the same, it’s best to read the fine print when you choose a roofer. Some manufacturers only offer a five-to-ten-year warranty.

The Full System Warranty

A full system warranty, also known as an extended manufacturer’s warranty, costs more. It covers both roof installation and materials, from flashings or underlayment to workmanship. 

This is well-rounded coverage that protects you against roofing mishaps and should guarantee your peace of mind.

Lifetime Coverages and Other Protection Durations 

The materials your contractors use and other factors will affect the duration of your roof warranty and may vary quite drastically. For instance, according to This Old House, three-tab asphalt shingles have the shortest lifespan (10 to 15 years). A five-year warranty duration seems understandable, then. 

After five years, homeowners cannot blame the manufacturers for asphalt shingle issues since the material naturally deteriorates by this time. However, clay tile, concrete, and slate tiles have much longer average lifespans of 50 years or more. These materials need a far longer insurance coverage period for a warranty to be worthwhile.

Still, even if your roofing products come with a lifetime warranty, this may include a non-prorated period. After that time, you may have to pay partially out of pocket for any roof repairs. It pays to read your warranty carefully. 

What Your Roof Warranty Coverage Does and Does Not Include

Roofing warranties usually insert inclusions and exclusions, and each manufacturer does things a little differently. 

Roofing Warranty Inclusions

The warranty’s inclusions typically list the materials that the manufacturer plans to cover for the project. It may also state how long they plan to cover your roof and the incidents against which you could claim. 

Roofing Warranty Exclusions

The warranty on your roof will also have exclusions, such as the fact that coverage depends on whether you stay with your original contractor. In this case, if you were to hire a different company for repairs than you had for the installation, your manufacturer would deem these new services as unauthorized alterations. If so, the manufacturer would void the warranty and refuse to cover issues after this date.

LinkedIn shares these additional potential exclusions for your roof’s warranty:

  • Roof repair methods or materials not agreed upon in the warranty
  • Water damage from pooling on your rooftop due to inadequate drainage 
  • Extensive hail, rain, or windstorm damage from tornadoes or hurricanes
  • Issues after roof misuse or inadequate roof maintenance
  • Vandalism
  • Fire damage

Warranty Transferability in Case of a New Homeowner

Sometimes, homeowners repair or replace a rooftop solely to increase property value and curb appeal when selling the house. You’ll probably receive higher offers this way, but the new homeowner may be out of luck if they try to take advantage of the new roof’s warranty.

Wouldn’t you want to leave your buyers with better news? Check your contract for warranty transferability. While some coverages automatically transfer to the current property owner, others state the new owners must apply for their own warranty to reap the benefits. 

Only an A1 Roofing Company Offers the Right Warranties for Your Needs!

Installing or replacing your roof is a little more serious than choosing curtains or even a new vehicle. Do it incorrectly, and you’ll waste thousands on an asset that doesn’t offer any returns or protection. A bad roof also puts the rest of your assets at risk, not to mention your loved ones. 

To keep from paying more than you need for incidents that aren’t your fault, you’ll want to check roofer license and safety practices alongside any guarantees on offer. You should also thoroughly read your warranty to ensure there aren’t any nasty surprises when you least expect them.

Of course, you could just partner with reliable professionals like A1 Home Improvement for the perfect roofing warranties. Our family-owned and operated business has spent 40 years helping Hartford, Middlesex, and the surrounding New London Counties with top-notch roofing services, including warranties. Call 860-530-6195 to learn more about our warranties and get a free roof inspection today!

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