Storm Damage? A1 Assists with Insurance Claims for Roof Damage

With the spring season upon New England, residential and commercial property owners face the inevitable storm season brought forth with heavy rain and winds. While there are certain preventative measures that may be taken, sometimes, property damage occurs regardless. If you find yourself in such a situation, filing an insurance claim for roof damage is most likely in your future.


Luckily, the roofing experts from A1 Home Improvement provide the dedicated service that goes above and beyond – even in emergency situations.


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Let’s Talk Storms

All too often, spring and summer storms arrive leaving behind devastation. This situation is stressful in itself, and property owners are left scrambling to protect the integrity of the structure while dealing with contractors, insurance companies, and everything in between. But what if there was a way to alleviate some of the stress? At A1 Home Improvement, emergency insurance assistance is just one of the many services provided.


From the initial property inspection to filing the storm damage claim, the A1 team stands beside customers to ensure this unfortunate situation is handled smoothly, timely, and with as much professionalism and courtesy as possible. Typically, a short-term tarp is set in place to protect the property from being subjected to further damage. Once the claim process begins and estimates are approved, the team is able to quickly and efficiently remedy the situation.


But don’t just take our word for it!


“Great work.  Roof damage was from a hail storm.  A1 coordinated with the insurance company negotiating all the details an expert roofer should know and demand.  The entire roof was replaced including new skylights.  The job was completed efficiently in just two days after the materials were delivered.  Installation was very professional, with a great crew; friendly and experienced.  The clean-up was completed so you couldn’t tell they were here.  Great experience for this homeowner.”  

– New London County League Sportsmen Clubs


Dealing with insurance claims can be frustrating!

As with any circumstance, dealing with an insurance claim can be overwhelming and confusing. That said, many roofing companies take advantage of the situation. One instance occurs when the company persuades customers into signing a contract before the claim is ever approved. Instead, a reputable company, like A1 Home Improvement, takes the time to explain and assist the customer through the process while providing an honest estimate. Once the claim is submitted and approved, a contract will be presented. 

Another important note is that insurance adjusters may sometimes deny a claim. If this happens, a team of professional roofers can work on your behalf. When the situation requires a request a second review, a team of professionals can step in with facts for your case. Whether roof replacement or repair is the more viable option, having experts at your side is a must.


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Regardless of the situation at hand, having a team of trusted roofing professionals that provide emergency insurance assistance is a must for any property owner. If in the Connecticut region, A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts are just that. With over 30 years of trusted experience, this is one team you can rely upon.


Let A1 assist with your insurance claim for roof damage.


A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts provides over 30 years of dedicated service to the Connecticut region. Recognized for outstanding workmanship and customer experience, our team goes above and beyond in every aspect of every job. From roof installation and repair to emergency assistance with insurance claims, we are experienced professionals that bring peace of mind to residential and commercial customers. 


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