Windows play an integral role in the overall integrity of your home’s functionality and safety. However, like any element of your property, windows also have a lifespan. With various indications possible, when the time comes for new windows, having a trusted team of experienced professional window installers is a must – and you will find exactly that at A1 Home Improvement. 


A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts is a group of experienced professionals that understand attention to detail is of the utmost importance. With this in mind, we strive to provide a superior customer experience on every job – no matter what the project entails. From complete residential window replacement to skylight installation, A1 Home Improvement will help bring your Connecticut home to the next level.


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A1 Home Improvement provides residential customers with an extensive range of window options that enhance the appearance of the home, while providing the property owner with several more benefits. For instance, did you know that by installing new windows you can save money with energy consumption? This is especially true in older homes that still have the original windows. Often, builders opt for the least expensive, or construction grade window to save on operating costs. While these windows function fine, the lifespan is short. If your home is older than ten years and still has the original windows, it is time to give your trusted window installation company a call.


Whether it is time to say goodbye to the original windows, you are dealing with improper window installation that left you with drafts, storm damage, or simply time for a new look, A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts offer the region’s top window installation services and product options. 


Should you consider window replacement?


Replacing residential windows can be a costly undertaking, thus requiring planning and budgeting. Because of this, far too often homeowners set aside the task until it is too late. When this happens, the cost of window replacement now increases as your contractors most likely have to deal with other complications from water entry – including structural damage.

Do yourself a favor and save time and money by calling A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts if you experience any of the following:


  • Drafty windows (regardless of the age of the house).
  • Condensation on the inside of the window. 
  • Your windows are difficult to open and close.
  • Rattling 
  • Higher than normal heating and cooling costs.


All of the above are sure-tell signs that window repair or window replacement is needed. Depending on the occurrence, the reason can vary. From warped or swollen window frames to poor insulation, when left unattended, these concerns turn into bigger – costly problems. For example, if you have condensation inside of your windows, you are opening the door for unhealthy air quality levels in your home as well. Because, as we know, with water entry often comes mold growth.


A1 Home Improvement Window Installation


  • Improved Energy Costs
  • Healthier Air Quality
  • Upgraded Appearance of Your Home


Call A1 Home Improvement today to schedule a free consultation and receive your estimate on window installation service that provides your home the protection it deserves.


Whether your home requires traditional window upgrades or you desire the ambiance of a skylight, our team of Connecticut window installers provides the highest quality craftsmanship with a dedication to providing a superior customer experience. Don’t wait until it is too late. Contact A1 Home Improvement Roofing Experts today at 860-259-6783 to receive your free quote on residential window replacement or repair service. 

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