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If you are experiencing water leaks, it is an obvious signal that the roof of your home has become damaged and compromised. There are other indicators that may tell you that your roof is in need of a professional Connecticut roofing contractor to perform repairs. It is important to conduct inspections on your roofing to learn of any potential damages. The earlier you notice and circumvent any damages, the less you will need to spend on future repairs. If you do not have the proper equipment or knowledge, it is recommended that you hire an experienced roofing repair specialist to perform these duties.

There are numerous less noticeable factors, which allow water intrusion, that are often overlooked by homeowners throughout Connecticut. Minuscule roof leaks can create rotten wood and even mold and mildew, just as easily as much larger roof leaks can. However, small roof leaks can become more dangerous because they are often not discovered, by homeowners that do not have knowledge of roof installation or repair. If these small leaks are not repaired in a timely manner, then complete roof replacement may be necessary.

Signals which indicate roof damage or a leak:

  • There are ppots on your exterior walls.
  • You notice missing shingles or debris in your gutters and downspouts.
  • The vents are loose and your walls are expanding.
  • You noce a moldy or musty smell.

Based in Berlin, CT and serving residential and commercial property owners throughout the Hartford County area and beyond, A1 Home Improvement LLC offers visually appealing and durable roofing systems in a large selection of colors and materials, that will give your home the appearance you’ve always desired.

We utilize modern tools and high quality materials to fix any leaks, rot, mold, or damage that your roof has experienced. Our roof installation and repair services will stand the test of time and offer your home protection against the harsh weather elements that Connecticut has been experiencing in recent years. We offer no-cost consultations and estimates and you can contact us at anytime at (860) 202-2697 to schedule an appointment.